What are the steps I should take?

So there is this girl that i am literally falling head over heels for. We have been talking to each other for two weeks and fully admitted that we share a mutual feeling for one another. She said she wants to take it slow (which I understand) but what about going out? I ask her out quite often and say that I would like to spend quality time with her but she automatically changes the topic. I know she's nervous and wants to get to know me better first, but my question is how do I get her comfortable with me if I don't get to hang out with her? What are steps that I can take?


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  • She is not certain if she likes you or not. She also probably thinks that you keep forcing her to go out, which is not a good sign.


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  • Don't keep forcing the issue, when she's ready, she'll let you know. If you keep on asking her and bugging her to go out, she'll always change the topic