Shy wrestler or just weird?

I'm a girl on the wrestling team and I'm very commited to my sport. But I've devolped feelings for one of the guys. The one time we talked he told me a lot about him and asked me to tell him what i think of him, prior to that he'd always stare at me and we would sometimes lock eyes He still stares but now its more intense and its like he's TRYING to make eye contact, its always a blank curious stare and today we locked eyes and of was intense i looked away first and when i darted my eyes back up he was still staring. He's known to be quite a jerk on the team and we've never talked besides that one time but usually feel like we try to outwit each other in a playful way. I see him around campus a lot and he looks at me when we pass but never says 'Hi' . i really like this guy but his actions are so CONFUSING!


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