Do you find Taurus girls hard to gadge?

Me and this girl are friends ik that for sure... I'm trying to talk to her tbh I would rather her make the first move because ik she knows I like her but it's kinda scary because if she doesn't like me I don't know if I could be friends with her so soon after if she rejects me because I would have to go Mia and get my feelings out the way imma always like her but I would be able to control my feelings... we've known each other for 7 years and only been cool for about 5.. And we've had like 4 stretches of when we would text and it would seem like she's liking me and then something would happen like we wouldn't fall out but like we would just stop texting as much I'm not sure if she if she would stop texting me or I would I don't remember but i remember like 5 years ago I used to text her back to back because I was immature and didn't really have experience with girls she tweeted one time she wanted me to stop texting her and then one time she tweeted and said she wish my round ass would stop texting her but said sorry really quick and I'm saying this because like Ik she said these things but for some reason I've always felt she had like a secret liking towards me so fast forward now we didn't talk or see each other since the 11th grade and I got back in touch with her over snapchat and talked to her got her number and we texted a little in the summer like 2 or 3 times then when I would text her she wouldn't respond but at the time I was chasing someone else so I didn't care but when I came home from school we hung out and the vibe she gave me that night and the next couple nights seemed like she likes me she told me secrets and told me about her lesbian experience something she told me she hasn't told many people if not any i don't really remember but ik I'm one of the few that knows and I'm thinking if she doesn't like me she wouldn't tell me personal shit like as she was telling me this she was like I can't believe I'm telling you this does she like me or are we friends

She also will send me an irritated face emoji if I haven't texted her in a while but she doesn't always respond to my text like sometimes she will text fast and were having a conversation then she won't respond then pick the convo up from the last text like 2-3 hours later is she making me chase or I just think she likes me when she really just likes me as a really good male friend


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  • I don't believe in astrology, so no.


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