How do I fix the relationship between my girlfriends parents and myself?

Alrighty, backstory time, everyone's favorite. So, I've been in a relationship with my girlfriend for about 10 months now. Like all relationships, we have fights, good times, ups and downs. I've grown to love her like no other. Well one day, about 2 months ago, we were hanging out over at my place, things got a little frisky, and we ended up going to second base (Too sexual, I know). Well, later I felt guilty about everything because she told me that she wanted to wait until mairage to have sex. Me being me, I sent her a text saying "Yo, I don't wanna overstep any boundries." (That was more of a summary) Well, Her dad took away her phone, saw the text, and forbids her from seeing me. So we can't go on dates, talk outside of school, or get anything for each other. Well, we still talk and do all our couply things in school. This goes on for about 2 months, until somehow her father found out (I still have no idea how he found out). So he punished her, and to pervent future problems, we stopped talking altogether and this led to all of my friends and family to telling me to break up with her. Well one day i got sick, so i gave her the Christmas gift i got for her to her, and broke up with her. The very next day i was in the hospital, and for about 4 days after that, i was out for being sick. When I got back, she learned i had been in the hospital, and went home cying that day. She cried to her mom who told her to get over me, but she says "I'm the one for her. I make her happy." So we got back together today. Well now my focus is to see if it's possible to get her parents to approve of me as someone she can see.

My question is, how can i fix the relationship, or make things better so that we can be together, instead of just seeing each other at school?


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  • The best way is just to show them that you respect their daughter. It'll take time but hopefully as long as you are polite and respectful then over time they will learn to trust you more and respect you. There really isn't a quick fix for this. Also, are you really cool with no sex before marriage? Because if that's what she really wants... that might be hard/cause you to rush into marriage at a young age.


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  • Second base isn't that bad... at all, and honestly your eighteen and presuming she is too she should be able to do whatever she wants... so let her know that

  • My brothers in almost the same situation as you


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