Should we break up or not?

I have a boyfriend who is very kind hearted and sweet but he has a flirty personality an at times takes it way to far , He let's girls know he has a girlfriend but they don't seem to care ! The problem is how can I get him to stop being so flirty to the point where its damn near cheating ? Should I fight fire with fire or what we have also only been dating for about 8 months


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  • Never fight fire with fire in a relationship, it only makes things worse.

    Did you tell him it bothers you? First step to anything is open communication.

    Just because he is flirty doesn't mean he will cheat. I'm flirty, my girlfriend is flirty, and we both trust each other 100%. We've been together 18 months now, no problems with trust.

    This is not cause for break up. First talk to him. Tell him you trust him (this is super important), but tell him you are uncomfortable with the way he flirts with girls. Tell him it just makes you feel bad. If he understands and makes an effort, then that is a good sign. If he dismisses your feelings and thinks you are overreacting, that is not a good sign - but doesn't mean it's over.

    If he actually cheats, it's totally over, no going back.


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  • Fighting fire with fire is seldom a good thing. I'm sure you've heard that communication is one of the most important details in a relationship, joining in the same behavior that drives you batty is only going to A) make him feel justified B) make you feel that you compromised your own feelings C)neither of you discussed the situation. All you can do is share how it makes you feel and if he has any common sense about it will chill out with it. Make certain though that you aren't trying to change someone because your goal here is to grow together not change eachother. The flirting may be completely innocent on his part with no intent on ever taking it in that direction but because it's something that bothers/concerns you he should give you the courtesy and respect to review his actions and adjust accordingly.


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  • You seem to be dating my ex's clon. Well you need to talk to him and tell him his flirty attitude hurts you, and if he really cares about you he'll stop. Its pointless to make him jealous as wel because it will only hurt the relationship. If he doesn't stop then its time to find someone else...but good luck!

  • Honey if your boyfriend really does love you then he will have RESPECT for you meaning that he will stop being a flirt regardless if he has tons of female friends.

    However, it has to come out of him. If he feels like he's doing wrong in the relationship by being a flirt then he will stop if not then he'll be one lucky guy to have you PLUS all of his other lady friends as well.