How to try to get through a guy?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 2 years now. He's been under some stress these last few months and we've been fighting so so much. Recently, he moved out. He now went from down the street from me to 15 minutes away. I miss him. He parties all the time, and gets high, knowing it makes me incredibly uncomfortable. And he's with his friends way more than me. We go days without talking, and he's completely fine with it. I know he loves me, but how do I tell him to make me more of a priority?


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  • well ask him if he wants the relationship that you'll give him a while to think about an answer three days should do. Until the tree days are over you are not to talk with him if he comes over tell him that if he cares then he will take the days and think and that he will leave and spent time in thought. You should take that time to think to because even if you love him a relationship with him may not be possible right now. be prepared because he may say no he doesn't want it and if he says he dose then set some structure for the relationship ad what you expect be realistic though. i the three days you should decide as well if you still want the relationship. forcing something isn't healthy for either of you in this way it makes both of you think about whats important to you both. if the relationship seems forced it often more than not is maybe not physically of course but emotionally. when a relationship like that exist the two in it just suffer. take the time dear.


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  • Maybe you should just act like you don't care about whatever it is he does. Don't text him or call. When he calls or text you stop responding. If you have friends hang out with them. Eventually he'd come around. If not, just find you a friend. You don't have to boo him just casually date. You know for entertainment purposes.