If a person flakes on their own counter offer, do you even reply/contact them again?

A person, for whatever reason couldn't make a hangout/date/meeting, they contact you last minute and try to get things arranged but timing isn't good for one of you, so they propose an alternative time. A few days before the time, they flake - either because you called to finalize or they called you to say the can't make it. Would you even bother replying or contacting them again?


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  • I would not. You shouldn't either.

    • Well i am not planning on it, of course. I just ignored the texts as there was no apology or anything to indicate interest - despite continuing texts from her.

      The question is, what do you do if they try to get your passively afterwards?

    • I guess just wait a while to reply so it seems like you're losing interest, then give her one, and only one, more chance.

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