I am going through a midlife crisis at 23?

I am going through a tough time, im currently 23, unemployed, im in school for becoming an secretary/managementassistent. I hate it, its not my passion, its not bad but to do that job for my whole life is horrible, its better then waitressing or standing in a store tho. I will be 25 when im done or 26 and after that i want to work and not waste my time iin school anymore... but i hate what im doing if i take another course i will be 29 when im done and then its time to pop them babies... pfff what can i do? i want to own my own fashion company


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  • First off give yourself a break. You know what you want to do in life, so contact a fashion company and see if you can intern. Get to know people and learn the business from the ground up. It'll help you down the road. And remember, 23 sounds like you should now what you want to do, but you still have a ton of years left to live and lots of time to do it


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  • It's never too late to be in school and there are online schools you can go to so you can balance school with life and getting married and having kids. You shouldn't waste all that money going to school for something you hate.