My woman pulls away when I try to. kiss her passionately. every time no matter if we are having sex or not. would really appreciate a woman's feed?

I asked her is she is still in love with me. Wasn't a good idea. I knew that but I honestly didn't know and being a confused and hurting man that just wants to know why... I had to ask. I tried as best I could to explain how I felt and why. I think she understood by the end. But I don't know how to take that she pulls away any time when start to get. ... passionate or intimately heated. I don't miss treat her. I help her amensley with her 3 yr. Old daughter around the house. You name it I help or do it. I'm starting to think that she just wants a free ride being that I pay for everything in the house hold... help.


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  • Not everyone expresses passion in the same way. The best thing to do is talk to her about it (in a non-confrontational way) and tell her that it hurts your feelings. She may not be aware that she's doing it.

    • I did the other night and she threw it back hard that I was just saying it's all her. But wen I asked her I also asked if I did or don't do something. She got angry and stormed out. After a few minutes of shooting back. she turned it into a fight when I was just pouring myself out to her.

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    • Honestly I have no idea

    • I think you know what to do.

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  • " I'm starting to think that she just wants a free ride being that I pay for everything in the house hold... "

    Looks like you already know... If she does not want to talk about it it's because she knows you won't like it and it might endanger the sweet position she is in right now. Throw her out to the curb unless she can explain herself.

    • That's been on my mind for awhile.

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    • It can't stay that way forever. All you are doing is procrastinating...

    • Yes I kow

  • Did she used to do this passionate thing?

    Sounds like something completely unrelated and likely geared more towards mental health.

    • Yes just a few months ago she was all over me and couldn't get enough. My daughter is 15 did a lot of damage to us cuz of her dramatic life. But there was still and more... everything then. There's nothing now and no fighting no stress nothing?

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    • I would have to say yes to that. but making that happen... I'd have better luck making he'll freeze over

    • Well, there's nothing you can do if she's unwilling to take care of herself.