Has anyone else given up on looking for someone to romantically love them?

All the girls where I live are hoodrats who cheat all the time. then the good girls get fucked and pregnant by drug dealers/users, man whores, and wanna be gangsters. so I took to online dating. and pretty much 80% of the girls on there just ignore my message. then the other 20 just stopped replying and ignoring me. so now I'm just thinking "Fuck it. Why even try? No one gives a fuck about me." And no I'm not in depression or some shit like that. I just think I should give up and stop giving myself false hope. And yeah I sound like a little bitch for complaining but whatever. I'm just wondering if anyone else has given up on looking for a romantic relationship.


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  • Go to a singles event


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  • Don't worry about the females. Make yourself the best you can be right now. They will come to you in time. It's amazing how many women are waiting for guys like you after their ho days. It's even more amazing shooting them down in order to get that girl who didn't sell her self out during those younger years. Guys like you are the guys girls want; they just don't know it yet.