Is this flirting or being friendly?

Ok so this guy and I have started texting a couple days ago. He was really into getting to know me and I got to know him really well (he wrote paragraphs about himself). But he claims that he's a social freak and he loves to talk a lot. Here's a snippet from our convo. Is this considered flirting or friendly teasing? Also, he told me that "oh my god you seem so innocent" and then he told me he "doesn't know how to feel" because he hasn't been around innocence in a while. What does this mean?

Him: Omg I'm getting so tired right now I can't even
Me: "I can control my body" ^^
Me: Go to sleep boi
Me: or grandpa
Him: Go to sleep child
Him: Why are you up I thought you sleep at this time
Me: Don't tell me what to do
Me: Haha it's winter break whatever
Him: Ooooookh lawbreaker I like
Him: 😂😂😂

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