Am I being too insecure?

There's a guy and he says he likes me (I like him too) and we've been talking to each other for a month now nearly everday. The thing is that he's crazy popular in school and he's good looking as well. So many girls like him and they're all prettier than me. I just don't understand how he's choosing me over them. I don't want to feel so insecure since it'll ruin the relationship before it even properly starts. So what do you all think I should do? Should I tell him what I'm feeling like or try to keep my insecure feelings at bay?

Thanks everyone!


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  • Nothing is forever. Tell yourself this relationship will end one day and try to get the most out of it. This is pretty much how you should see life as a whole anyway. He obviously see something in you you can't see yourself. Don't ruin it because you can't see it, just close your eyes and jump. Good luck!


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  • Give yourself a chance to learn to love yourself, just go for it. If he likes you, you should too. There is obviously something amazing that he sees in you that you simply cannot see yourself. Find yourself.


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  • Don't tell him u feel insecure just be confident and be who you are, as he obviously likes that about you.
    You may think others are prettier but that's your opinion and not necessarily his opinion.

  • Well the way to healthy relationship is proper communication although make sure you think through how you are going to express your self so he doesn't misunderstand you


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