Why he always does the same thing?

My stupid 8 years boyfriend always does the same thing, everytime we fight, cause he use snapchat, or for something about a girl, he said that i don't trust him and i don't, that i know what to do with him , like saying you know what to do just breakup with me... I am tired of that shit, next i wil seriouslybreakup


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What Guys Said 1

  • You should have seriously broken up the first sixty times. I'm too busy for you to vent at me, hoe.


What Girls Said 1

  • Well you've been on this rollercoaster for what seems like for ages? Why do you keep putting up with it- if he's constantly doing somthing you don't like and he's not correcting himself.. or apologizing then leave. there's not point in staying without trust, little changes didn't hurt anyone- HOWEVER he could just be harmlessly snap chatting a friend- and if he isn't doing anything wrong he may very well feel like you're being over protective and not trusting him for no reason.