How and when did you tell your significant other that you love them?

I have been in a realtionship for 2 months now. He is incredible and amazing and I am starting to fall in love with him. I just don't know how or when to tell him. His ex never made any first moves and strung him along a lot. I want to be the first person to say I love you, but I don't know when or how I should. In all my other relationships it was thrown around but not really meant. This time It actually means something.

When did you first say I love you to your significant other?


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  • He told me first, all though i wanted to tell him a couple months prior, I think he told me around 6 months into our relationship he said it in a foreign language on text I obviously looked it up but couldn't be sure.. anyway we were out late walking my dog one night and he kept saying it in the language I kept telling him to tell me, and he said he wasn't sure if he wanted to incase I felt differently, (i obviously knew what he was gonna say) anyway He said it and I said it back.


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  • I don't think I ever said "I love you" to my girlfriend. :P

  • Two months is WAYYY too early!

    • Apparently not. I ended up telling him tonight, and he actually felt the same way too. It doesn't matter how long the relationship is.. because with him things are natural. It feels like we've been together longer and things with him feel natural.