Do most people stay single for a long time? How long does it usually take to find someone?

I've never really had a girlfriend before, I've dated and hooked up with girls but its never gone further. Anyway for the past 2 years I have tried really hard to find a girlfriend, I've talked to 5 different women in this two year period and of these 5 only one sort of became my girlfriend for 1 monthish (I wouldn't consider her my gf) and then after 1 month she broke up with me because she wasn't over her ex (maybe that just ment she didn't like me enough idk)

Anyway 5 women in 2 years, I've heard some guys said they talk to like 40 women in one year and usually like a dozen of those could become their girlfriend. I've heard other guys say like 1 or 2 but those guys usually have some other issues.

Anyway what do you think?


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  • I think many people do stay single for quite some time. It's very difficult to date and takes patience. There has always been at least a 2 year gap between my relationships where I'm single and many of the guys I date or try to talk to hardly ever result in anything serious. Dating is very difficult.


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  • Five in two years? You should increase that to at least 5 women a month. Seriously. You need to meet a lot of women before you settle on one. The summer before I met my wife I had 17 first dates and no second dates. Another thing I realized is that when I was younger I was overlooking some great girls for stupid reasons.

    • Damn, well I did ask out a lot of girls probably 40 or 50 but a lot told me they have bf's or never got back to me. So in other words they werent interested.

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  • I've been single for two years. I do meet guys and have the opportunity to date, but I just can't seeme to find a guy who I would look on as a potential boyfriend. I chat to a lot of guys but I am not not interested in them. I think I've adapted to being single so I struggle to find happiness in a relationship


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  • I have. For some people, they never find someone. And for some of them, they are content/okay with that.

  • I'm in the same boat, the exact same as you my friend, it just gets harder as we grow older i dont know why..