Is he starting to get interested?

I noticed a cute guy in some of my gym classes and am trying to befriend him. He seems really shy and quiet. We have 2 mutual gym friends, so I added him on facebook and he accepted. After that, i started saying hi and waving at him whenever i saw him, and he reciprocates, but he never initiates. He's usually near me in the class, and I try to talk to him, but he doesn't really talk. So, I was pleasantly surprised when he wished me Merry Christmas by posting on my wall. He didn't do that with our mutual friends. I think he's starting to warm up to me. Is it possible that he is starting to like me?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Sure, possibly. There are reasons he might not have initiated anything, though; he might be involved with someone else, he might not be in a good position or state of mind for a relationship, etc. Or, he could be waiting for you to make more of an overt first move.

    Guys are doing that more and more these days. Buncha pansies. ;) Nah, just kidding; sometimes you girls can be a tad intimidating, that's all.


What Girls Said 1

  • It's quite possible. Maybe you should throw him a message.