How do you know if a guy you're dating is the one?


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  • You don't - until... well let's just say late.. very late. +75

    • Like whether or not ready to get married

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    • You won't know it'll be "alright". It's like, how do you know when you can sustain a new job, or have a child? You'll have to look at factors that applies to your futher goal. In this case it would be wise to ask are you able to live with yourself? Do you love yourself? Do you know there's a form of mutual desire in this? Do either concider this just to ba a romance? Mainly, what's the goal - and are those fiseable?

    • Just broke up with me

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  • How does he make u feel?

    • Amazing but at times confused

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    • If I'm the one

    • Aww I guess you should leave it alone for now. But ask yourself is he the one for you. If he doesn't think your the one your wasting your time unless you just wanna have fun.