Would you date a girl who had very few friends?

I know at a certain point your boyfriend is supposed to meet your friends but I truthfully have only 2 close girl friends and the rest are acquantances I see from time to time/one on one usually for coffee or whatever... so the whole "introduce your boyfriend to the group" thing doesn't apply to me cause I never go out with groups, and it kinda makes me nervous? Would a guy dislike me cause of this or think I'm weird?


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  • I'm not sure on what planet this would be a bad thing, but it ain't Earth.

    The vast majority of guys will not even NOTICE that you don't have many girlfriends. Like, literally, the first time they'd notice would be at your wedding, when you only have 2 bridesmaids instead of 4 or 6 or whatever. (:
    (not really kidding)

    The few that notice? Almost all of them would see this as a GOOD thing, because they don't have to compete with "girls' night out".

    So this is a non-problem.


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  • I wouldn't mind at all..

  • Yeah because then she'd have more time for me


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