He says he is interested, but his actions say otherwise?

so, we have been talking for months. sometimes, for days, sometimes nothing for days. he is not a texter, it clearly shows. he lives far away, so we made a bet, i won - he has to buy me plane tickets. i went. i visited him. we clicked. we both were into each other. but i could tell he wanted to take things slow. which is fine. after the trip, i felt uneasy so i decided to be straight up with him. i asked him if this was a fun thing for him or are we seriously getting to know each other. he looked serious, and said we r getting to know each other. im like ok i jus want to communicate w u to ensure we r on the same page. he looked pleased. however, its been a week and a half since he initiated contact. i had to text him a couple of times, he responded to some, didn't respond to others. he said he's just busy, stressed out but missing me. however i just dont think he's into getting to know me more if he's been too busy for me, too quiet for me. so guys, should i ignore him/ should i make him earn the right to be in my life? i reached out, i checked in, i showed interest, and now he's acting different.


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  • Move on actions always speak the truth


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  • Trust his actions, not his words.