Guys and gals, does he like me? Or am I in the 'friendzone'?

I'm currently at university and have gotten talking to this guy recently. We've met up a few times in his dorm and just chatted, listened to music etc. We'll snuggle and make out but that's as far as it has gone so far. I stay over for hours sometimes and we'll just chat but when we text he calls me 'man' and 'mate' and I feel like he's given me really mixed signals. He told my friend (I wasn't there obviously) that he really likes me, and thinks I'm a really great girl, keeping in mind she was very drunk at the time so that's all she can remember. He also invited me over saying he had a 'free house' - I didn't go over but I'm pretty sure there's only one thing he wanted. He's also got a bit of a rep at our uni as a bit of a ladies man and was said to be talking to loads of girls but he's told me that's he's just talking to me, and in his defence, whenever I'm around (and I'm there for ages), his phone never goes off and he makes no attempt to hide his phone. we've recently come home for the holidays and we haven't spoken since we left. He always initiated conversation as I'm always to nervous lol, but he hasn't so much as made an attempt at a conversation, should I talk to him? I'm not a clingy girl at all, I just want to know where I stand.


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  • You say hi to him. Touch base and ask him how his Christmas was, and that you miss him.

  • Say hi make it quick cause he maybe with family. Or work. Or sleeping (unless he's a " night owl")


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