Girls, What do High School Girls look for in a Boyfriend?

What do girls in high school look for in a boyfriend? I'm 17 so I think I'm ready to have a good fun relationship but girls still are confusing as hell. Please any tips/ tricks from anyone about getting a girlfriend in HS would be really appreciated.



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  • Talk to them! A lot of guys and girls complain about not having a relationship, but sometimes it's just because people are too afraid to talk to each other. Talk to girls, every girl you can, that way we will have a greater probability of finding someone you like. After that tell her what you feel, and if she rejects just move on and try to find other girl you will connect. Just keep in mind, it's not about what girls look for in a boyfriend, but about you finding a girl with whom you can share your true self, you don't need to turn into someone different, you just need to find someon who accepts your person

  • Someone who won't ask for nudes... Someone who shows her respect. Honest...
    Protective but not possessive... Loving... Egalitarian...