Are these signs of a desperate, clingy man or someone simply falling in love?

Been dating this man for a month. We've seen each other about 7 times total. About 4 dates in, he already starts talking about the future, going on trips together and using the term "we". I haven't been in a serious long-term relationship before, so I'm wondering if the actions he's displaying is a sign of neediness or just a normal man falling in love.

-He chooses to be with me and my friends on a weekend night instead of doing his own thing or being with his friends.

-He wants to join me while I work on New Years Eve and pretend he's my assistant (I'm an Event Photographer).

-He's not seeing anyone else and gets uncomfortable or changes the subject if I talk about past loves. However, he got very detailed about his sex life with past girlfriends, which I can't tell was his attempt to make me jealous or seem more desirable.

-He's very vocal and repetitive about his feelings for me. He'll say "I love our energy. I look forward to getting to know you more. 2016 is gonna be our year!" over and over again.

-He told me that a friend of his passed away, I gave my condolences and he followed up with "I wanna see you today" at a time when I was very busy which he knew. I felt awful for saying "I'm swamped" at a time when he was mourning, but I can't help but think that was his way of being in control and getting what he wanted.

-He was ready to settle down and get married several years ago, but his ex-fiancé was in love with someone else, so it didn't work out.

Honestly, this man doesn't know me well enough so I can't tell if he wants to settle down with any woman who just happens to be there, or if he truly wants ME.

Thoughts are appreciated.


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  • I think its any woman.


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