He replied 10 days later? What should I make of this?

I had to cancel a date with a guy I'm seeing due to being ill. I apologised and suggested to reschedule with him (he's also done this before, so I didn't think it was a big deal). He said he'd text me the next day to sort something out, but he didn't. Instead, he replied 10 days later, apologising, saying that he's had a mental week and was just thinking about me earlier when he remembered he was supposed to reply to me. He then asked if I want to meet up tomorrow or the next day.

Why is he acting like this? Is he just playing me, and messaging me when he's bored/not getting attention from someone else?


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  • If he had a really valid excuse I would say it would have been fine but that excuse is lame. I dont think he is into you and instead he is using you because he is bored!


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  • 10 days is ridiculous. forget him. he doesn't know what the hell he wants.


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  • You should ignore him!