Is it ok to ask a guy friend why he's ignoring you?

We like each other. Well, at least I'm sure that I do. Not sure about him because all he does is tell me that he misses me. He told me that I'm hot but very mean. One day, he's decided to just go missing on me. I send a simple text of "how's your day" and he didn't reply me at all. Does it mean that he no longer likes me? by the way it's been 3-4 days since we've last chatted with each other. What should I do? Should I just leave him alone for 1 week or so before talking to him again? Pretty sure the message was delivered. Just not "read"


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  • Call him and talk how you normally do with him. Ask him how everything is and act like he didn't ignore you. If he somehow brings it up then say what you have to say.


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  • I wouldn't ask why he's ignoring you, that's making assumptions. He may feel offerended. Either wait to see if he responds or send one last message just stating, ", hope you are okay", that way it shows consideration towards him rather than an accusation. If you do message him and he still doesn't respond , don't initiate contact again. 💗

    • Do you think sending him a "Hi just curious but did you receive my previous message" will make him reply?

    • Yes even that's okay to send 😊. Then leave it up to him to contact you. 💛