Do you feel sorry for ugly and boring people?

if you're ugly you can make up for it by being a funny positive person

if you're boring you can make up for it with your looks

but if you're both? man you stand no chance in this cruel world


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  • No I don't... only people who I feel sorry for are those who are limited do to sickness or injury... so if your ugly and boring, suck it up... at least you have two feet and a healthy mind and body... If your ugly, do something about it... whether work out, wear nice clothes, do something you love and are passionate about and people will be attracted to you... if your boring, looks only go so far so look in the mirror and try and change your personality... also, everyone stands a chance in this world with the good Lords help... stay positive!


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  • I think everyone has something to offer but info think that someone who is both not conventionally attractive or socially engaging would be treated differently and pretty much as if they are less important unfortunately
    I personally would not judge them, I would give anyone a chance but most of society nowadays is judgmental and vain and it really is a shame

  • No. I feel sorry for people who truly think that they're ugly and let it get so bad they believe they have to chance in the world.
    It's a sad attitude.

  • You need to stop being insecure. Confidence is sexy

    • what are you talking about? I'm asking if you feel sorry for people who are both ugly and boring. see I'm just boring so I don't got it bad

  • What necessarily constitutes as boring?


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  • Did you just describe yourself OP?

    • nah but I am boring af

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    • Alright bro whatever floats your boat.

    • aight we done here