Should I text first?

Okay, so there's a very annoying situation going on between me and a guy that I like. Basically, we're in a fake relationship (someone started a rumor) and today it just kind of got out of control (a fight of some kind erupted from it, very strange). Anyway, this situation has been going on since the beginning of February, and I'm trying to figure out how to talk to him about it and get our stories straight. His number is on Facebook, but since he didn't give it to me, I'm not sure if I should text first of if I should wait for him to get on IM (he has me on his buddy list). What do you think? Text or wait?

I did talk to him via text: He was not at all freaked out (thank god) and to find out what happened, look at my other question :D


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  • This is a precarious situation you're in. I don't think you should text him because he didn't voluntarily give you his phone number. However, since you're both friends on FB, I think this is the best and safest platform to talk. I would keep an eye out for him and then start a chat. Start off friendly and with small talk and gradually ease into the supposed relationship.

    Good luck.

    • The only reason I would try to text him is because he is never on his IM or his Facebook. It makes it difficult to sort out the situation.


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  • I would say yes text him call him IM him or something. If you like this guy a lot then you should make the first move if he isn't. Because you never know what could happen, some other girl could snag what's yours.


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  • Why not just initiate contact with him in person to get things cleared out between the two of you?

    • I would but we have a double snow day so in person contact is a bit difficult.

  • I would wait for him to get on IM, don't take his number off Facebook. It could be awkward if he was wondering where you got his number from!