What are good date ideas in college?

if you have no car, and if your uni is on top of a hill, and the nearest areas are 30 min drives (SF and San José).

are coffee shops/dining hall/on campus restaurants good ideas?


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    • Thank you for the MHO. I know where you go to school and surprisingly after I got my bearings there are a lot more places on University Avenue etc. then there were when I attended Emory University in Atlanta. Walking distance in Atlanta was a mere 175 miles get anywhere you had to pack a lunch to get a lunch. You attend a very friendly University I'm certain that you have some friends that are upperclassman. Ask them for hints. I had no friends I have no friends I don't like people that includes friends to it took me a while but as I said, I think you go to Stanford and it is a friendly place. They are all nerds and in clouds way high up above. They don't remember what they ate for breakfast but they can be very helpful and friendly. Good luck

    • I exaggerated and I don't want you to think that I hate all people. It's just the humans I hate

    • uh, no not Stanford

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  • Break into the library at night and have candle light midnight snacks


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  • Yep, coffee shops are always cool.


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  • I used to live in that area! Go on a hike to Big Sur !!! or Carmel Beach

  • Wave pool at night in the mechanical engineering building.