Should I be afraid of the preachers daughter?

The preacher at my church has a 13 year-old daughter and im 16 , its well known throughout the church that she and I like each other , her age doesn't bother me , but her dad being the preacher gives me an uneasy feeling , my mom says not to go for it but I really like her , do you think I should go for it , or just have another friend?

No sex involved, and of course I would ask her dads permission before I asked her out and I'm pretty sure he see's me as a friend , her mom likes me at least, but still I don't know what to do
Preacher man himself never try's to avoid me and her hanging out , everytime I bring it up with my mom , she points out she's the preachers kid and she points out in the "bad boy" or a "rebel" and then she tells me stories of her teen years when she got pregnant and that she was as well a preachers daughter, and when I'm with my friends , I'm a hell raising , tobacco chewing, ill tempered redneck , but I'm working on it , I stopping dipping tobacco as well as im not fighting as much anymore


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  • I'd say one thing you should do it talk with your mom more. Find out why she said not to go for her. Contrary to popular belief amongst children, parents pretty much never intentionally steer their kids in the wrong direction and have wisdom that's worth listening to.

    I know it's only 3 years but the developmental difference between a 13 and 16 year old can be huge. I know for me there was a huge difference in my maturity and outlook from 13 to 16.

    Also remember if her dad seems uneasy and that's not just a misperception, than it's going to be a bit of an uphill battle seeing her if he's against it. You'll have to win him over too.

    Ultimately I think you'll have to carefully evaluate everything and go from there. I can't give you a straight answer without more info.

    • Her dad never seems to be against us hanging out and we tend to be at the same maturity level (I'm a little slow) I'm also afraid because she has never had a boyfriend before

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    • It could be that. It could be her dad and your mom are aware of behavior and personality traits that make you 2 not good for each other as well.

    • Well actually her dad has never really said anything for or against me and his daughter


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  • If u really like her then go for it 😊

  • Maybe wait till she's a little older, or go for it, but be ready for the consequences.

    • What would these consequences be

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    • I see what you're saying but my mom never supports my decisions so if she did I would feel quiet awkward about it

    • She just wants the best for you.

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  • Go for it your 16 worst case you get here pregnant and have to leave the state together