Girls, Have you stated a "Boyfriend"in conversation with a random guy you were really attracted to?

What do you have to say about this?


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  • Yeah! lol! Why not! Or I'll say I am not looking for anyone!

    • Thanks :)) So you have mentioned a "boyfriend" to a random guy , you were attracted to?

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    • Yeah !!! A kiss for you :P

    • I was just kidding with the last comment !!

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  • If I had a boyfriend I wouldn't be going out of my way to talk to guys I found attractive, I wouldn't be looking in the first place.

    • Thank u :)) Say you were talking to a random guy you found "Hot" in your class. Would you mention your boyfriend?

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    • For me, yes

    • nice !!

  • lol maybe with a guy I was not attracted to and who was flirting unwantedly lol

    • Thanks :)) So if you had a boyfriend and was talking to a random guy you were really attracted to. What would you do?

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    • not really hot

      i couldnt see him

      it was here on GAG

      when i sensed they were flirting lol

      I dont really like feeling that they are hitting on me

      because I love my guy so much

      It puts me off lol

    • I c :))

  • I wouldn't want to sleep with someone else while being in a relationship in the first place, so the situation doesn't apply to me.