Give dating a break or keep on at it?

I recently had been dating a guy for three months. I travel a lot and he was already aware of this. At first, I wanted to end things because I didn't want to get too serious. He persisted saying he had an amazing time with me. He had to travel back home for the Christmas holidays and told me he wanted to see me when he got back. I was confused because I hadn't heard from him for awhile and he said it was because he had been busy and sick. I ended up asking him what he was looking for with me. His answer was he didn't want to date me but have fun. He wanted to find someone locally to date. I told him that hurt a lot to hear. He went on to say I was this amazing girl... I told him I would find a guy that actually wanted to date me. I haven't texted him in a week and a half but it still is hurting me what he said. I tried to date other guys but all I think of is him and what he said. Right now, I'm thinking of taking a break from dating all together. In all honesty, I want to contact him to see what he is doing for New Years but I know it's pointless if he hasn't contacted me by now. Any advice would be nice Thanks guys!


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  • I would give dating a break if I was you because you haven't fully healed over that guy. I think once you are fully over him then date other guys.

  • Take some time off and focus on yourself.


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