Girls wtf is she doing?

My and my ex dated for 1 year till she left to college so we broke up. A year later she moves back home because she missed everyone. She one day randomly calls me to hang out and we did. I then asked her if she dated anyone? and she said nothing serious. Now keep in mind we never had sex in our one year of dating since she wanted to wait till she's ready. I asked how far she got sexually in her dates? and she wouldn't answer it. She'd sing a song, cover her ears just to ignore my question. I then openly admitted i slept/dated my ex while we we're broken up. She said "Just one huh? that's it" and started to smack talk.

Moral of the story is why couldn't she answer it? my theory is she slept around or really did nothing and just didn't want too talk about this subject


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  • You sound angry. Why is it you care so much for her? I don't know what you are feeling exactly but, you sure do think about this ex of yours a lot. How many times have you posted about this situation?

    • phil2 what is your answer on this? give me an answer not a complaint thnank you

    • Not a complaint, just wanted to let you know that I hear ya. I think that you will find the answer if you look inside of yourself.

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  • these hoes ain't loyal


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  • Sounds like she did sleep with someone, since she was avoiding the question.


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