My ex asked me to hang out?

Me and my ex broke up last Christmas and now we never ever talk. I still really like him and he knows that. We have been with each other randomly on nights out, but never speak to each other otherwise, or have never texted since. But he started speaking to me again this week, and asked if I wanted to hang out tomorrow.. He made it clear that he didn't have feelings for me anymore after we broke up, so why does he wanna hang out? Is it cause he knows I like him & thinks he can take advantage, or is he looking to get back to where we were?


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  • Give it a shot and see what happens. Maybe talk things over so you two aren't on bad terms.


What Girls Said 1

  • If you can get over the fact that you still like him a lot, go. But if you think he expects sexual intercourse afterwards, it's a DON'T. You'll end up heart broken