Dad says I need girlfreind... Should I listen to him or not? I've essentially always been single?

Alright so recently my dads said i need a girlfreind and im starting to wonder if he's right since all my freinds are starting to hook up with girls... Im generally a well kept well dressed guy, athletic and muscular but not buff or anything like that either. 5'4 so definatly short but i dont notice unless im around people who are like 6'3 xD im not a troll either plenty of people describe me as handsome/cute. Personality wise ivr been described as having a lovable adorable character and have a good amount of freinds. Ok sorry if that was a lot didn't plan that but on to the end point. How do i even start dating girls? Im pretty nerdy on the flip side and while can talk to girls no problem find getting into the dating side of the conversation is where it gets difficult... So any advice? Sorry that if that was long.


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  • don't worry about having a girlfriend unless you find someone you want to be your girlfriend. You shouldn't have one just for the sake of having one, no matter what anyone else says. being single is completely fine. I never even kissed someone until I was twenty one and I don't regret that at all, because there was no one I had met I felt like was worth spending that amount of energy on and it's not like we don't have enough to keep ourselves busy alone. Have a girlfriend when it feels right :)

  • I've noticed that when a guy is interested in me he tease me and tries to make me laugh. So I guess if you find a girl who you like just be playful and crack jokes, tease her, or subtly compliment her.


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