Was he purposely being evasive?

He says and does a lot of inconsiderate things. One night after he basically used me as a blow up doll I told him in made me feel like he didn't care for me.

I told him I feel like he is just in it for sex. He says how can you think I'm just in it for sex.

Later i said sometimes it feels like he doesn't even like me. He says how can you think I don't like you.

I tell him by fucking me when I'm clearly upset and not even involved just laying there I feel like he doesn't even care about me. He says I did what I always do to try and get you going but felt you just wanted to get it over. For me sex isn't s single sport both parties should be engaged. We've been dating for 8 months. I spend a lot of time with him but still when we run into his friends that I've met they introduce themselves to me assuming I'm a new girl. Yet he says he talks about me.

I feel like anytime I reach out to him for emotional support or feelings he isn't there. Is this all in my mind like he says it is?


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  • Difficult to say. Perhaps he's not the best person when it comes to dealing with feelings and being emotionally supportive. However, it sounds more like he knows you are a safe bet for sex.


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