Text conversations are boring and getting old. How can I keep his interest?

Talking to guy for over a month now. We both kinda like each other. In the past we'd text every single day, all day long until late at night.

Now we won't see each other for a few more weeks since we're on break. Conversations are getting dry and we only respond after a few hours. Sometimes we don't text all day because we've run out of things to say and it isn't interesting anymore.

How can I be sure he doesn't lose interest before we see each other again?


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  • Me and my girl text daily and meet up only weekly. I don't know, everytime something interesting happens to us, or when we see a fun video/quiz on Facebook we share it with each other.

    We inform each other what we have for meals. When I was overseas on holidays, I sent back photos of my vacation meals and nice spots. On a lazy afternoon, we exchange a few words "I'm soo gonna lazy on the sofa today and take a nap" "think I might go on the guitar a bit, gonna practice the? scales" "have a nice nap!" "you too! Hope you get that scale down!"

    Important in all of these is, we make sure we are occupied, and we inform each other so. Then we head off and do our own things, and only come back in the evening to report on progress and check up on what's cooking for dinner lol.

    Honestly, bulk of our conversations are just habitual checkins on each other. The rest of it is made up by news articles, fun things that happened in our lives. If you are struggling to keep up a conversation, you may want to slowly regulate and pace your texting. Texting a few hours continuously is fine. Texting from dawn to dusk isn't!


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  • I would say that you can't be sure but if you really like him then chill a bit. Its only going to be a few weeks anyway, if he really likes you then it will all work out quite nicely.


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  • I really don't know, sadly texting gets boring and there isn't too much to do after that.