Girls, female friend wants to go out alone with my bf?

my 22 year old boyfriend and I have been dating for almost a year. His best female friends birthday is next week and she wants to go out to dinner just the two of them. They met in hs so they have been friends for about 8 years. I feel like this is very date like. For my bfs birthday two months ago she bought him a freaking $250 watch which I feel is a bit much for a guy in a committed relationship to receive from another women that isn't his gf/wife/fiance or his mom or sister or some other family member. I never had an issue with this girl until she bought him that watch and asked him to go out to celebrate her birthday just the two of them. I was honest with my boyfriend about how I feel the combination of these two things is inappropriate and how I feel she is crossing some boundaries for a guy in a committed relationship. He said well I need to respect their long standing frienship which I found to be a very odd response to your girlfriend of a year concerns. I replied to him by saying well I will respect their frienship when she starts to respect his girlfriend and our relationship. I feel like he is putting her wishes ahead of his own gfs when it should be the opposite. It isn't like we have been dating 2 weeks its been almost a year. I feel like an adult relationship should come before a female friend because to me a girlfriend relationship is a special exclusive relationship in which you only have one and you look for it to progress into something more where as a friendship a guy has with another women is just that friendship and it is more casual you don't just have one female friend. I dunno i just feel like the partner should come first. He said he would text her and say I was going to the birthday dinner too. When he texted her that she was all like I guess with a sad face and then texted him saying i was hoping it would just be you and me. Like umm WTF you aren't dating him if it is such an innocent frienshi


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  • I completely agree with you. Going out to dinner alone is definitely more like a date than anything else. He's in a committed relationship and I'm sorry but I don't buy the whole "friends should come first" thing. If someone is in a long-term relationship, not casually dating, then their partners' feelings and opinions should matter and come first. It obviously bothers you and your boyfriend should respect that.

    This girl is clearly overstepping some boundaries and that's not okay. There's nothing at all wrong with them being friends but there should be a line drawn somewhere. I think you should just talk to your boyfriend about it again and explain what you said here. If he can't respect how you feel then that would lead me to believe that there's more going on than just a simple friendship.

  • Yeah, I totally understand where you are coming from, it's odd that she would want to go to dinner with just the two of them, it is VERY date like and I wouldn't like it if my boyfriend stood up for her regarding that. You can respect his friendship however it seems that she's not respecting your relationship at all, okay I get it they've been friends for a while however she is treating him like more than a friend, I don't care how long they've been friends, once he's in a relationship she shouldn't be his priority.