Any other ideas on what we could do when hanging out? We are sick of going to town?

So we aren't together but I guess you could say we are dating, we text and we kiss and we hang out, but lately we have ran out of things to do in town and we have fun together but all we are doing is walking around town and it sucks, I'd love if we could just go to eachother should but it would be too difficult for him to come to mine because I live out in the country and he hasn't mentioned anything about his house but I know he has younger brothers and sisters or he may just be not allowed to have girls in his house I'm not sure, is there anything else we could do that I can't think of please help me out


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  • Go to his house and love him up, your his place in the world


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  • go to the woods or the beach

  • You could go to some private party I guess.