How would you feel from a loved one's perspective?

Lately I've been feeling like an option to my boyfriend when it comes to hanging out. Examples, it we plan to hangout together and I can't he would suddenly he's like oh I'm with my friends now. Or sometimes its the opposite way around. And I don't mind sometimes but at the same time this is how I really feel.


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  • I think you need to talk to him about how you're going to participate in each other's lives before this gets out of hand.


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  • Hmm, I've dealt with something sort of similar. The best thing to do is to tell him honestly. Just tell him your feelings, don't create an argument, by blaming or anything that would provoke him to defend himself. If he truly cares for you/loves you, he should see how you are feeling and apologize if he;s made you feel like second choice. And if he doesn't I would consider that maybe he's not as interested? I don't know how long you've been dating. Or maybe something is up with him.

    • I have talked to him a bout it a few times but he'll be considerate about it but then bam its starts again.

    • I guess you gotta be really serious with him. You have to tell him that he keeps doing it, if you haven't already and just tell him your feelings. Or else it may not be worth dating him because if he keeps doing it then I'm not sure he really understands.