Does she even like me?

I asked out a girl who was getting quite flirty and touchy with me and she said "yeah sure but atm I'm really busy" so i suggested a few dates and she rejected them because she is busy then.. I then asked her to text me some times she knows she will be free.

1: will she text me back?
2: does she actually like me?
3: if she doesn't like me, why didn't she just say she isn't interested in me.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Seems like she just giving you the run around. Not really interested, but it is the holidays and people are busy. I would wait for her to text you, and if she doesn't time to move on.


What Guys Said 2

  • 1. You can't know that. If she's really busy, than she even has a chance to forget texting you. If she's lying, ni she won't text yiu probably.
    2. It is really hard for the people on internet to understand a girl likes a boy while that signs you gave to us (touching and flirtiness) can also show a girl who wants to be close friends. i have a lot of friends who are also touchy. The problem is, the informations on internet make people believe that every flirty and touchy girl likes the guy but from my experience, no no no.
    3. Maybe she doesn't wanna hurt your feelings. This idea comes from the second answer which as i said maybe she wanted to be close friends and now because of it she doesn't wanna break your heart.

    These are some of the probabilities i can offer to you with the informations you gave. :)

  • First off, why are you so worried, its not like she's hurting you if she's says no, man up and move on, you act like you known her forever.