Should I be worried?

Hi! I know this might sound silly but i need to hear someone's opinion, my girlfriend liked a photo on instagram which is saying "being single, celebrating new year with besties and not some asshole who don't deserve their time or love", i've been treating her really well as i never hurted her in any way before and giving her gifts all the time, should i be worried about something or it's just a photo?


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  • If she only liked it, she was probably just trying to show support for the person who posted it. Trust me, if there was something wrong you would know one way or another :)

    • Thank you for the fast response, actually I doubt it's for showing support since the account has million likes already (it's not a personal account), do you think i should confront her or it's not a big deal?

    • It's not a big deal, I wouldn't bring it up unless she likes more posts like that or it's really concerning you. :)

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  • You're over thinking it