How can I get my ex-boyfriend back?

My boyfriend cheated on my (only through talking, not physically). He lies to me about little things and hides things from me. I would stay with him though and fight for him. We would get into arguments because of him lying and hiding stuff from me, but we would always work through it. I never gave up on him. We got into another small argument then he ignored me for four hours then broke up with me. He said he wants to soon look past this break up and become friends. He said he doesn't want to lose me but he doesn't want to be with me. I've begged him to come back but that just pushed him further. He said he can't stop thinking about me but he doesn't want to be with me. I haven't talked to him since. It's been a week of no contact. If i leave him alone and "move on" will he began to miss me and contact me? Will giving him space possibly get him to come back to me? We've been together for three years and we know everything about each other. he's told me things that no one else knows, and I've told him things no one else knows. I dont think someone can move on from someone they connected like that with. So if I just give him space and time to miss me, will he come back? Is he just going through a phase and thinking about the bad times instead of the good? We had more good than bad, so will he soon forget the bad and start remembering everything good in the relationship?

I know i shouldn't want him back because of what he's done to me, but thats not what im asking. Im asking if i give him space and time to think, will he come back. My friend said her and her boyfriend went throught he same phase. But he came back to her and he changed completely and they have no problems now. Is my ex just going through a phase as well?


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  • Don't try to get back with a guy who is not entirely honest with you. You deserve better. Just let him go.

  • Get rid of him... he's a loser and if he cheats on you with little things he will cheat on you on the big things. I think he's insecure and wants to keep you around for his ego or sex!

  • Why, why would you want an ex back, it's just, silly


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