Why did he make me feel like shit?

why is he torturing me and why wony he just block my number... this guy is so confusing, another time he says I am just a rebound, and another time he would say 'you are so heartless, I really liked you, I wanted to give u a shot' . He doesn't want to see me or talk to me , but refuses to delete my number, whats his deal? why does he want to make me feel bad


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  • You block him then?


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  • STOP CONTACTING HIM. & don't answer if he contacts you, because he's clearly a manipulative asshole who's taking advantage of your emotions.

    • I felt like he was intimidated by me... he wanted me to make a choice for us to be couple, he said I was the most prettiest girl he has been with , and ever since then he would turn anything into a competition

    • Well yeah, he talks a good game. Just be thankful you're dodging a bullet. Run.