What do I do about my crush?

I've known this guy for years because we went to school together. We used to talk a lot until a few months ago. He went to college so I know he's busy trying to make his future and stuff. Lately we haven't been talking. The day that my dad died I cried so much and I needed help. I texted him and he asked "what happened" I told him and he didn't even open to read it. It was on delivered for three weeks plus and probably still is on it. Am I annoying him? Is it me? I just feel so hurt that the time I needed somebody the most he wasn't there for me. It made me cry and break into tears. I haven't messaged him since because I feel so heart broken. What should I do?

  • Try talking to him when I can?
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  • Stop talking to him?
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  • Give him some space?
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  • Forgive him. Maybe he's super busy?
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  • I'm really sorry for your loss, may his soul rest in peace.

    As for me, I would suggest you to stop talking to him. If he's not there when you needed him the most, then he's not worth your time.


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  • We must be busy with something. Have you tried calling him?


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  • Stop talking to him.