What's your deal breaker?

i start with myself
1- I will never love guy younger than me even a day difference
2- I will never marry guy who have kid
3- Player
Uluckily I don't have too much deal breaker but all guys I liked I realize they are one of my 3 deal breaker :( that's why I'm unlucky single
anyhow what's yours?



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  • Fat, unattractive, cold, callous, lazy, smokes, does drugs, bitchy attitude, whiny, clingy, entitled, short hair, bald, has a penis, taller than me, older than me, small tits, no ass, gold digger, can't cook, isn't a freak in the sack, promiscuous in her past life, uncaring, annoying, overly dependent, swears a lot, distant, not affectionate, unhygienic, can't take care of herself, refuses to improve on herself, expects me to do everything for her, no sense of humour, flakey, unpunctual, has kids, has a tail, breaths fire, has a criminal record, no education, no ambition, overly critical, hates the outdoors, not active, judgmental, scared of little bugs and her own shadow, too many tattoos and piercings, alcoholic, beats kids, kicks the homeless, is a supervillain, secretly an arsonist, uber feminist, doesn't shave, antagonistic, overly opinionated, retarded, quacks like a duck and shits herself when nervous, throws child-like temper tantrums, irresponsible, high maintenance, uptight, materialistic, airhead, always needs me to go out with her to show her off, squeals really loudly when excited, doesn't smile or laugh, has bad teeth, missing teeth, nose hair growing into her mouth, horns, scales, weird pulsating growths, missing limbs, spends all her time on her phone and none with me, is a vampire, is a werewolf, is a munchkin from the wizard of oz, looks like the wicked witch from the wizard of oz, hypocritical, overly religious, runs around in circles naked covered in mayonnaise trying to catch her invisible tail but accidentally falls over breaking expensive shit

    I think that covers them all.

    • At first I was like good gawd this guy has high standards, but then I saw scales and breathes fire, and all the other ridiculous stuff and then I was like darn I was fine until you said the last thing Lolz 😋👽🤓

    • @Lordcatfish you think my standards are too high? Alright alright, she can kick the homeless, but I refuse to budge on the last one.

Most Helpful Girl

  • If a guy has gone to jail, does drugs, is mean and rude, can't take care of himself (mentally, physically, and emotionally), not motivated, doesn't enjoy life, not adventurous, and cocky

    • Oh that's important deal breaker I should mention drug users too


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What Guys Said 12

  • 1.) Won't date a girl who sleeps around... ( I don't sleep around too)

    2.) Won't date a fat girl (its unattractive).

    3.) Won't date a gold digger.

    4.) Won't date a girl who uses foul language.

    5.) Won't date a girl who smokes or drinks too much

    6.) Won't date a girl who if a party girl and hooks up with guys in the party...

    7.) Won't date a girl who lies and cheats or had a past of cheating...

    8.) Won't date a girl who doesn't want kids or marriage in future

  • Sleeps around
    Just wants a fling
    Is fat (or even slightly pudgy) my girl needs to be slim

    Non pretty face

    That's about it

  • 1. Fat/short hair.
    2. Has a kid.
    3. Was a slut who slept around.
    4. Liberal
    5. Has past boyfriends who were trashy/thugs
    6. Has dated black guys.

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    • @RachelBrigs Sorry that was to the OP not you

    • @RachelBrigs

      Girls who date black guys are often highly promiscuous, and/or have major daddy issues, along with later having issues from literally getting fucked over by some piece of trash.

      That, and by refusing to date white girls who have dated black guys, I help ensure fewer white girls will be trashy and date black guys. Because all it takes is a very small amount of us white guys to say things like that... and a lot of girls will not be willing to date a black guy, fearing that it will bring her scorn/rejection.

  • You will never love a guy younger than you? even if he its the best you know in the world? what about all that "i dont chose love" and " love dont chose ages" i dont think gaps like 5 years are that big. when people are adults they can be really serius about love or they can be jerks no matter what age...

    • Yeah I don't want to feel like I'm his mom.. He would make fun of me later..

    • you have 24 right? u wouldn't date a guy with 23 for example? im not saying u are wrong. you can make the rules u want for yourself but 23 years old sometimes have more experiences and life lessons to give than some older guys. but its your choice and i have to respect that :)

    • That's fine

  • 1. Does any sort of drug
    2. Smokes
    3. Drinks excessively
    4. Has political views too different to mine
    5. Doesn't do any exercise (I'm into fitness so this is important to me)
    6. If they lie

    1,2 and 6 are the most important to me.

  • Gold diggers. Just can't stand them. Parasites that use their good looks to sponge of some one who has worked hard for themselves.

  • 1. smoking
    2. gold digger
    3. bigger/taller than me.

  • no fatties no exceptions.

  • Does drugs (weed included)
    Has kids
    Heavier than me
    Political views too different.

  • Low intelligence.
    No social compatibility.
    Drugs - (from smoking cigarettes to heroin)
    Not taking care of herself
    Lack of ambition - (she can aim to be the world's best candy taster for all I care, but if she has no goals I lose interest)
    Has kids - I got none and I am looking for someone in the same stage of life.
    Lies - Two strikes. Second one I'll walk away even if I love her to bits.

  • Women who lie, manipulate, deceive, cheat, show a lack of respect, have no modesty, do narcotics, drink to excess on a regular basis and women who sleep around.

  • Overweight , older than me, has young kids, taller than me , must be open minded and must like giving and receiving oral sex


What Girls Said 9

  • Has to be someone I can trust who isn't uptight and won't cheat. I'm not picky and I don't really have a type

    Deal breakers though?
    -Drug/alcohol dependent (done dealing with that shit)
    -Doesnt love kids and animals
    -Cocky AF

    Pretty basic I guess 🙂

    • Wow all important deal breaker , I would sure say "doesn't love kids too"

  • My only two deal breakers are they have to like animals and they can't be a**holes.

  • I will not like a guy that doesn't like me back! I broke the rule!

  • Deal breakers are probably drug habits, excessive tardiness, desperate for female attention.

  • I could not date a guy who is married or separated
    I could not marry or date a guy who has kids that he kept secret
    I could not marry or date a guy if he wants a long distance relationship

  • Well a player is a big deal breaker as I want a relationship. Also someone with a bad personality. I want someone kind

  • Lying
    Bad Hygiene
    No goals

  • A guy who tells people personal and private things I have told him.
    A heavy drinker

  • Drug/smoke/brink a lot
    Bad hygiene