My girlfriend is boring, how to change?

Iv'e been dating my girlfriend for quite sometime now and the relationship has become extremely boring. I'm trying to come up with things to do and taking her out and stuff but it really seems I'm the only one putting effort as she isn't doing a thing. When she comes over to my house she just watches tv throughout the day and she doesn't even know what to say towards me.. Sometimes when I'm with friends she calls me for no reason at all, she says like 10 words and she doesn't have anything to say but she doesn't want to hang up. Sure it's cute that she calls me from time to time but she literally calls me for an hour, barely says anything and I'm completely ignoring my friends during that period.

How can I change this? I still do love her and don't want to break up I just want this to change.


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  • You can't change it. You need to discuss things with her. I believe you will eventually break up with her though.


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  • often its normal for relationships to get boring over time , you have to think of some more interesting and exicitng things you could do together , and I don't think it would hurt to mention to her you were feeling this way and that you wanted to do more fun things together