Is He just being friendly or is he still interesred?

My friend & I developed feelings for eachother & started dating. But recently I ended it & told him it was bc I didn't feel he was making an effort to see me & that I don't want to waste my time on someone like that. he told me in the beginning that his new job was taxing on him & he was trying to focus on that. However, since I broke it off 2 weeks ago he seems to be still really into me he said he'd hope we can still be friends bc he thinks Im cool & sweet so I said yes but when I see him at my gym where we both go he's all over me! Following me around, talking to me the whole time. He stayed after for an hour 3 times to talk to me. He wanted to teach me how to spot him when he benches and he's always offering to do ANY favors I need willingly. He helped me with something & he joked "I do this for you I do that for u what else do ya want me to do" he's become sweet & affectionate again & calls me "buttercup" and he thought of nicknames he wants me to call him. He flirts heavily & finds ways of getting close, reminds me he's not seeing anyone & talks about our time together, said I looked like a fitmess model and was constantly asking if I find him funny. We spent over an hour together at the gym talking & he kept saying how it didn't feel like an hour & asked if I felt the same way. and that I'm one of the only ones he feels really comfortable with. He asked if my cat misses him & he made a bet with me that if I lose I have to take him out to lunch.


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  • I would focus on this guy solely and make room for him & his career to find happiness.

  • he is interested. Do you want to have a relationship with him?


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