How do you get laid in college?

our college has very few parties, and those that are there are off campus (I have no car to get there). I saw many cases where a guy invites a girl to his dorm and they have sex. how do they do that? what do you say to ignite intimacy? I'm average looking and go after average girls.


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  • there's no such thing as intimacy in college.

    you invite them over to drink, smoke, or do lines.

    • how do I do that? especially if they have other friends and if we don't know each other that well

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    • when they ask where, ask them to drive over. watch a movie at your pad, go somewhere else, drink w/ ur neighbors... whatever. eventually you'll invite them in, and possibly play some video games in your room.

      done deal.

    • no problem my man. happy new year.