What would you do in this position, Honestly?

If you told one of your closest friends that you liked them, she didn't feel the same (as I expected) but I made her promise not to tell anyone else. Then found out that they had told there new boyfriend and also another time told one of our other mates when she was drunk. This girl knows she's one of the only people I can trust aswell and now I feel like I can't trust anyone, what would you do? I confronted her about it and she said she didn't think I meant literally tell no one, this is just a bad excuse (shes good at these) as I literally said multiple PLEASE do not tell anyone and she promised not to etc... Just for the record I no longer like her like that and we were good friends again but now I've found out she's betrayed my trust (which means a lot to me) I just don't how to react.


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  • That is a really bad excuse and she's trying to cover her own ass for her mistake instead of just dealing with it and saying sorry. I would not really contact her anymore, and or really be around her. definitely would consider her one of my closest friends, I know avoiding people can be hard, but doesn't mean you don't have to be around her if you guys have the same friends- just keep your distance.

  • I would talk to her about how you feel and if she doesn't respect you then drop her.

    • I've already spoke to her about it and like I said she just made up excuses and asked why I was bothered that she had told anyone is this worth dropping her for?

    • You do not have to entirley cancel her out, ik it's hard, but there's a level of trust and she just crossed the line, hang around other people talk to her a bit like normally see if she acts different

    • entirely*

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  • Go on bro you will see more from those people around you

    • I don't know you mean?

    • I don't know what you mean*

    • I mean don't give up by seeing one promise breaking.. believe me you will see more lime this from ones you love most until u find the right one