Do I have any hope of landing a v day date?

It's Thursday do I have any hope of landing a v day date or is it hopeless

but this point in the game I feel its not very likely , well I might go downtown tomorrow night to some bars I'm not expecting much and I don't really seem to have any good leads girl wise on the go . I feel I'm headed for another lonely valentines day as it looks now and little chance of any romance


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  • You're putting too much pressure on yourself. Valentine's Day is just another day. It's a "special" day because it makes commercial fat cats fatter, society is telling us that it's special, and people are willing to believe it. Why not make your own rules? Be cool and confident, go out and meet girls any day of the week without setting deadlines or having expectations. You'll be happier that way. Best of luck.

    • Yeah I do try and meet a lot of girls during the rest of the year so I don't feel that my life is without female interactions , not exactly quality relationships though which is sort of what annoys me and why this day always disapoints each year

    • I understand bro. Never stop trying. Try different social events and different ways of meeting people that you're not used to. Catch up with female "friends" who it didn't work out with and hang out with them--you might meet their attractive friends. Best of luck.


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  • It ain't over till Sunday turns into Monday morning so stick to having some faith. Good luck.

    • I'll try and stay positive but haven't had much sucess of valentines day over the years so not expecting much

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  • It's unlikely. Just being honest.

    • Yeah I know its mostly a holiday for people in long term relationships and marriages , singles don't have a lot to look forward to