Am I seeing this the right way?

I liked this guy for a while and we were friends but he was in a relationship so I never really brought it up, but he was aware of the fact that I liked him. When he and his girlfriend broke up, he and I were definitely a lot more friendly. I couldn't decipher whether he liked me or not and since he knew that I liked him, I figured he would make the first move if he did have feelings, but he never did. He ended up dating this other girl and they were together for a while but recently broke up and now he's finally admitted that he had feelings for me too but was too scared to admit them. At this point I'm just kind of completely turned off to the idea because I feel like he chose someone over me and I don't want to be someone's second choice... Am I wrong to see it this way?


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What Guys Said 1

  • I won't tell you how you feel is wrong.

    From the information you've presented, you like a fella and he likes you, but you don't like the timing of how he expressed it. Seems a small reason to not give love a chance.

    After all, did you really want to be in that last gals shoes? A rebound?


What Girls Said 1

  • DUDE. I am literally in the exact same-ish position, with some minor differences of course, but the whole feeling of him choosing another girl over you is the same. Honestly, no it's not wrong for you to feel like that. I feel like the guy I was interested in chose another girl over me and I've already decided that he and I will never be together. You don't need to give a guy who obviously doesn't care enough about you, a second chance.